October 11, 2023

Leading Product & Design at Blossom Social


Blossom is a Canadian venture-backed startup with $2M+ in funding. Together, we were building an all-in-one investing experience to help retail investors build generational wealth through:

  • A supportive community
  • Bite-sized educational video modules
  • Visual portfolio insights and analytics.

I joined Blossom when it had under 500 users, leading product strategy and execution while our growth skyrocketed.

During this time, I played a critical role in reshaping the company's initial mission, from becoming a major player in the Canadian investment space to facilitating the global beginner investor experience.

Blossom was often praised for our ability to rapidly ship high-quality updates to our core product lines, as well as our ability to build community by engaging and talking to users.


Blossom Feed Features
Social Feed, Search w/ Top Weekly, and Autocomplete Search.
Blossom Creator Experience
Posting, Posting w/ Widgets, and Topic Selection.


Learn Portal
Learn Home (w/ Dictionary, Trivia, Courses, & Library), and Earn Portal w/ Sponsored Lessons.
Learn Core
Course Table of Contents, Video Lesson, Quiz.
Learn Other
Daily Investor Trivia, Investing Dictionary, and Module Completion Screen.

Portfolio & Blossom PRO

Blossom Portfolio
Portfolio Public View, Private View, and PRO Widgets (Goal & Performance Comparison).
Blossom PRO
Blossom PRO Widgets (Country Exposure, Sector Breakdown, & Dividend Income).
Blossom PRO Paywall w/ Testimonials.


Individual Stock Page w/ Community & Stock Widgets.


Miscellaneous Topic Lists
Community Topic Threads, Stock Sector Lists, Community Top Charts.
Markets Earnings
Markets Page, Earnings Calendar, and View More.